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Natural Stone Honing in South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. offers all natural stone services for your natural stone and terrazzo surfaces. Among the many procedures, honing is utilized to perfect the “finish.” Honing consists of techniques to “tweak” your stone and create your desired uniform finish throughout an area.

Marble Honing your stone has the ability to create an array of sheens for your marble, travertine, limestone, and granite. A beautiful aspect of having natural stone in your home or property is that it can be visibly changed to meet your needs or style and décor.

Many people like shiny marble. It is reflective and helps to create a very bright and open atmosphere. Although it really emphasizes the effect of having a hard and solid surface, it also may also tend to show “wear-and-tear” at an accelerated rate compared to a stone surface with a duller shine.

Another popular finish is commonly referred to as a “Honed” finish, which is really a matte’ or satin-finish. This sheen has zero to very little reflectivity and maintains a very earthy and natural-look. It is a popular contemporary look, and is actually more suitable for homes with an active and busy lifestyle without the time for contact up-keep.

Regardless of the look you desire to achieve, honing will transform your stone’s finish from one end of the shine spectrum to the other. Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. will always hone in on your specific concerns and needs, and consistently offer honest and reliable advice and recommendations.

Devin VanceNatural Stone Honing in South Florida

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