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Natural Stone Restoration in South Florida

Whether you have Marble, Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Onyx or Terrazzo – we service it all.

Natural stone restoration for granite counters and terrazzo floors

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. specializes in stone restoration.

Natural stone surfaces such as terrazzo, granite and marble have been used in public buildings, private residences and commercial centers throughout the world for thousands of years. The finish, luster, and color of natural stone contributes to its decorative appeal as an elegant material for flooring, counter tops, table tops, and other accents. Stone is durable, fairly easy to maintain, and lasts for generations when properly cared for.

Classic Marble Restoration is a family owned South Florida marble, granite and natural stone restoration company with over a decade of experience bringing amazing results to our vast customer base. Our highly trained stone restoration, marble polishing, and cleaning technicians are the best in the South Florida area. Stone restoration, cleaning, and polishing is both a science and an art that we take great pride in!

Our stone restoration portfolio includes work at the Versace Mansion in Miami, the Fontainebleau Hotel, residential restorations of granite bar tops, kitchen counters, onyx bathroom vanities and all types of stone flooring including limestone, marble, and travertine. We also provide restoration of natural stone on all makes of yachts throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean.

What else do we know about natural stone restoration? Read on below to find out:


Why Classic Marble Restoration vs. Doing it Myself (DIY) or Other Stone Restoration Options?

Because of the popularity of DIY home improvement shows, we are seeing more creative and unusual difficulties with stonework. On the one hand, we understand the potential convenience and satisfaction involved with doing a job yourself. However, we’re called in quite often to repair damage caused by poor technique and unskilled restoration companies and services. These are often more complex than the original stone restoration issue. DIY stone cleaning can also pose serious risks to the surface being cleaned.


What Advantages Do Professionals Have Over DIY?

Increase the Value of Your Home – Natural stone floors are a huge selling point in today’s housing market, don’t risk reducing their value by making DIY mistakes. If you are looking for professionals with plenty of experience in the field of stone restoration and someone that will get the job done right, look no further. At Classic Marble Restoration, we use only the best restoration tools and products to get your floors looking like new.

Ensure Quality Workmanship – Natural stone restoration is a professional trade that requires the touch of a craftsman as well as the knowledge that goes into cleaning and polishing specific types of stone. If you hire an amateur to clean or polish your surface, you’ll run the risk of damaging your stone. Ensure the job gets completed efficiently and with proper care; hire a professional marble and stone restoration company like Classic Marble Restoration!

Cheap is Expensive –  Your home, restaurant or yacht is an investment. For this reason, you should ensure that you take extra care when hiring a professional to service this asset. Whether you’re installing a new kitchen, repairing your roof or hiring a siding contractor, it’s important you look for top quality work and professional customer service during the vetting process. 


Hiring a stone cleaning company simply because they’re the lowest priced bid doesn’t always mean you’ll get what you wanted. In many cases, the lowest bid will not have references, a stellar BBB record, the highest quality technicians, or the best restoration equipment to make your stone surfaces look like new.

With a professional, you receive the benefits of training and experience that you can really see in the finished project. With us, you also get world-class customer service and technicians who genuinely care about the job they do for you.

For more information on our professional stone restoration process or for information on marble, terrazzo, granite, and other stone cleaning and polishing, call us today!


Stone Washing Strategies for Terrazzo Stone

Our company, Classic Marble Restoration has an excellent reputation in Florida for providing expert terrazzo cleaning at commercial and residential properties. Instead of attempting a difficult terrazzo restoration on your own, contact us for a professional inspection, consultation and estimate. 

Our Technicians Use Mild Cleansers

Our terrazzo polishing technicians know how to determine the type of stone in a building’s flooring along with its grouting substance to avoid loosening tiles. We know that using harsh acidic chemicals to clean the stone and grout of a terrazzo surface can lead to loosening the tiles from underlying surfaces. In many cases, the mosaic tiles in a private residence or business are extremely old decorative items that were created by knowledgeable artisans.

We Can Apply Protective Sealants

Terrazzo polishing requires using a machine specifically designed for the task, instead of a store-bought device. Each type of stone flooring needs a different type of pressure to remove debris without cracking the surface of the material. Careful terrazzo cleaning with the correct surfactant can remove stains without changing the color of stone tiles. 

We can also provide terrazzo restoration by replacing tiles that are missing or broken. After a sanitizing and repair process, we can protect natural stone surfaces with durable sealants that resist moisture and dirt.


Natural Stone Maintenance in Florida

Natural stone restoration remains a necessary process to sustain its aesthetic appearance. This procedure may be desired once every few years, depending upon the amount of traffic experienced on any given area of floor. However, regardless of your residential or commercial property’s living environment, you should have some type of annual professional service for your floors and some of your other natural stone surfaces. 

Many times a quick cleaning and sealing of your stone will suffice. However, areas in your home with heavy product usage such as kitchens and bathrooms show wear at a more rapid rate. The stone areas in these areas of your home may need restoration and sealing as often as you feel fit. They will show dull spots and abrasions rather quickly – these are called etches. 

Etching is not a stain per se, but is a surface discoloration that can occur from various acidic substances, such as vinegar, bleach, citric acid and even hair spray. 

Stains result from substances seeping into the stone. Some may be extracted while others cannot. It is important to use the right substances for proper floor cleaning. At Classic Marble Restoration, Inc., we help educate customers on the right methods and substances to use on stone surfaces to keep them looking their best.

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. provides the finest in services by offering the best customer service, product education, education on different types of flooring and which procedures and cleansers are best for particular types of natural stone flooring. Some natural stone flooring is more porous than other types. Using the right cleansers and polishing techniques ensures that a floor can be beautifully preserved.


Five Essential Stone Restoration & Washing Tips for a Beautiful Finish

Natural stone floors are a gorgeous feature in your home. They go with many of the latest interior design trends, but if these floors aren’t properly maintained, they’ll lose their luster over time. But how do you maintain natural stone floors?

Let’s give your floors a little TLC with these five essential restoration tips for a beautiful finish.



Before doing anything to bring back your floor’s shine, remove dust and dirt by sweeping and mopping.

Next, you’ll wash it. Here’s how to wash a stone floor:

  • Mop with a simple, non-abrasive cleaning solution like a mix of baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and water.
  • In a quart of warm water, mix about three tablespoons of baking soda and a squirt or two of mild dishwashing detergent.
  • Be sure and rinse the floor after mopping with the home-made cleaning solution. Then let the floor dry.



After you clean, you’ll see if any stains remain on your floor. One of the best ways of removing stains while cleaning stone floors is with a poultice:

  • Find a powder, like a talc, plaster of Paris, baby powder, or even flour. Mix it with water until it has the consistency of sour cream, then apply it on top of the stain.
  • Cover it with plastic and tape down the edges. Wait until the poultice is hard over the next day or two. Then remove with water.
  • Don’t worry if the stain isn’t completely gone the first time. Tough stains might need more than one application.



It might be tempting to scrub tougher stains, but avoid that temptation. Using harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges and scrubbers can damage your beautiful floors. Acidic chemicals can leave an etched spot on your tile. Check the pH balance of chemicals before applying to your floor.



Don’t scratch an etch. If you’re already dealing with an etch in your floor, treat it carefully. Use a light fine-grit sandpaper. Start with 800-1000 grit and sand gently. Once the etched spot matches the finish of the surrounding tile, finish with 1500 and 2000 grit paper. 

Be patient. This is a slow process when done correctly.



Once your floor is clean, stain-free, and the etches are smooth, it’s time to add some shine.

Knowing how to shine natural stone floors isn’t hard: 

  • Try a mix of baking soda and water combined into a paste. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the paste, then allow it to dry.
  • Rinse it with water. Then buff to a shine with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.


Most natural stone floors need a little TLC to bring back their shine. With a little time and effort, these simple home restoration tips return floors back to life. But some stone floors need more love, and if yours need heavy-duty care, Classic Marble Restoration is here to help. From scratch repair to sealing, no job is too big or small for our team.

We have close to 30 years experience with stone restoration, cleaning, and polishing in the South Florida area. At Classic Marble, we have worked with both commercial and residential natural stone cleaning and restoration projects, enjoying a great deal of success in both areas, as well as local awards and recognition. We pride ourselves on using only the best products and equipment, designed for the job at hand. We send highly trained techs to every job we perform.

Contact Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. for all of your natural stone needs. We will be happy to provide you with an on-site consultation and ensure your stone always shines in its best light.

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