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Natural Stone Sealing South Florida

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. specializes not only in marble polishing and restoration, but also stain prevention. Sealing your natural stone and terrazzo will help to prevent staining and discolorations from becoming a permanent part of your stone surface.

We provide natural stone sealing services for a variety of surfaces in commercial and residential buildings and yachts, including floors and countertops. If your marble needs to be natural stone sealing, you can trust Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. to return it to its former glory. Call us today at 954-578-3600 for a free estimate. 

Natural Stone Sealing Factors to Consider 

If you’re looking to protect your newly installed marble, granite, terrazzo, or other natural stone, sealing is the best way to do it. Once sealed by a professional stone sealing company, the stone is protected against everyday dirt and spills.

Here is a list of factors you should consider when choosing marble or natural stone sealing:

  • What type of stone is it? What’s the density?
  • Is the stone a naturally porous stone and how fast does it absorb liquids?
  • When the marble or natural stone was installed, what type of finish was applied?
  • If sealed, will the sealant affect the natural color of the marble or stone?
  • Where is the stone located? Is it a countertop, floor, outdoors, etc.?

These are all factors you want to consider prior to having your floors sealed.

Benefits of Sealants for Natural Stones 

Backyard Patio & Pool Deck Natural Stone Cleaning Sealing Travertine

To prevent stains and discoloration on stone surfaces that receive a lot of traffic, the professional team at Classic Marble can apply protective sealants.

Sealants Assist with Repelling Stains

Customers often want to know the benefits of natural stone sealing before hiring us for this important service. Depending on the chemicals we use for natural stone sealing, the marble or granite can repel water, salt, or dirt to prevent cracks and chips. 

For decks around an outdoor swimming pool, our clients may want a sealant that resists ultraviolet light or stains from grass. Alternatively, for stone countertops in a kitchen, a sealant that repels oily food substances is a better choice.

Sealants Help to Prevent Discoloration & Chips 

Marble sealing in a home is especially important because this is a soft stone that is marred easily with everyday wear and tear. Topical over-the-counter sealing products are ineffective in high traffic areas such as entranceways. This is why we use commercial sealants along with quality equipment to prevent stains and discoloration along with chips on natural stone surfaces in a building.

Types of Sealers 

Natural Stone & Marble Sealing in South Florida

Topical Sealers 

The first rule in sealing your natural stone is “never use a topical sealer.” This is a common mistake that we see DIY (do it yourself) homeowners make. They go to Home Depot or other “big box” stores and ask anyone with a name tag for assistance. Although some employees know better, others just point you in the direction of the area that sells products to “meet your needs.”

A lot of the sealers sold in these environments and scenarios are designed for tile and non-porous materials. They contain topical epoxies, acrylics, and waxes which are all very harmful for natural stone.

Natural Stone, which includes marble, travertine, limestone, granite, onyx, quartzite, and is even part of some terrazzo contains pores. These pores are the openings in the stone that allow it to “breathe” and release moisture and gas. If your natural stone does not breathe it will eventually deteriorate and stain. Topical sealers do not allow natural stone to “breathe.”

Impregnating Sealers 

Impregnating sealers are specifically designed for natural stone. These types of products will absorb into the stone and not clog the pores. They do not reside on the surface and do not absorb contaminants like some topicals do, mainly waxes. When the stone’s pores are coated with an impregnating sealer they make the stone resistant to oil and water-based stains. This allows you to wipe and clean certain liquids from the surface of the stone without leaving behind discolorations. 

However, certain liquids such as alcohol and citrus fruit juices contact acids that will create “etch” marks, regardless of the best impregnating sealer on the market. Etch marks do not have color, but are chemical burns on the surface of the stone that appear as “dull spots” and may even be rough to-the-touch sometimes. In most cases, etch marks can be removed by honing or even just by polishing the stone.

Granite and quartzite are denser natural stones. Although they are harder and less absorbent than the previously mentioned stone – they should be sealed too.

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. utilizes high-quality impregnating sealers that are specific to the type of stone that needs application. If your stone is porous – it should be sealed. It’s that simple.

Outdoor Stone Sealing Services in South Florida

Outdoor Stone Sealing Services in South Florida

If you own outdoor marble, it is crucial for it to be sealed in order for it to retain its beauty. The stone that is exposed to natural elements such as pollen can degrade quickly. It can easily become stained and discolored. That is why it is important to have stone sealing services on a regular basis. We offer premium quality outdoor stone sealing services that will keep your marble or other natural stone looking brand new!

Contact Classic Marble for Top Quality Natural Stone Sealing Services in South Florida 

For questions regarding marble and stone sealing contact Classic Marble Restoration today.  With over 30 years of natural stone restoration service experience, Classic Marble is your go-to stone sealing team!  Fill out our contact form online or call us at 954-578-3600 today!

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