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shutterstock_141871645-1024x1024If you are a manager at a restaurant or hotel, then maintaining the building’s appearance is imperative to keep customers happy. Take a long look at the natural stone surfaces in your business to see if it is in good condition. While you may not notice unsightly stains or scratches on floors and countertops, customers do notice dirt and damage to interior and exterior surfaces. Our Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company has technicians who can remove chips from tiles while improving a stone floors or countertop’s glossiness, helping to make a great impression on customers. We have the cleansers and equipment needed to make stone countertops, fireplaces and floors look brand-new in just a few hours.

Improve the Appearance of Natural Stone

Routine marble restoration services from our team of trained technicians can help to make structures last longer. Not only do we remove ugly stains caused by spilled food and beverages from stone such as granite and slate, we repair loose natural stone tiles or replace degraded grouting materials. Our technicians use specialized commercial cleansers made without perfumes or dyes to lift stains to avoid discoloring stone or adhesives. In addition to removing debris from stone, our Fort Lauderdale marble polishing company has specialty machines to remove the top layer of stone safely to improve its sheen. After we complete our professional cleaning and polishing services, customers are amazed at seeing the beauty of their unique stone floors and countertops.

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Expert Cleaning from Trained Technicians

shutterstock_77484562If your home’s stone floors are looking dingy, then it is time to call us for professional marble cleaning services. At Classic Marble Restoration in Plantation, Fla., we offer expert natural stone care to remove loose debris and difficult stains from interior and exterior flooring. Natural stone requires expert restoration from trained technicians to prevent additional damage caused by harsh cleansers and equipment that amateurs use. We use the highest quality surfactants to sanitize floors and countertops located in commercial and residential buildings.

Removal of Scratches from Stone

We provide efficient marble polishing services to revive the stone’s beautiful sheen and smooth surface on walls and floors. The best way to remove small chips and scratches from natural stone is with machines that use discs covered with fine diamond dust. These discs are able to remove a thin layer of stone to avoid ugly cracks on the floor’s surface. As a diamond disc removes scratches, the polishing machine suctions the stone dust carefully to prevent additional marks on the stone.

Improve the Sheen of Stone

Marble cleaning is a time-consuming chore for our customers when they do not have the correct cleansers and equipment. Our restoration technicians have service vans filled with specialized tools to remove debris from stone countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to removing stains from stone and grout, we also provide marble polishing at the same time to avoid the inconvenience of multiple service calls.

Devin VanceExpert Cleaning from Trained Technicians
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Specialized Care for Your Marble

Specialized Care

Classic Marble Restoration located in Plantation, Fla., wants to provide essential marble cleaning tips to our residential and commercial customers. Marble is a durable stone that looks beautiful on a variety of surfaces such as countertops and floors, but it does require specialized care. Using the wrong cleaning process can damage its integrity, leading to unsightly scratches and a loss of sheen.

Soft Cloths

Anyone attempting natural stone restoration should use mild cleansers that do not contain dyes that can discolor surfaces. To prevent chemicals from seeping deep into the stone, first wet the surface with plain water. Use as small amount of cleanser as possible to dissolve a stain while rubbing gently with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive scrubbing pads that will mar marble, granite or quartz materials.

Quality Equipment

Many Classic Marble Restoration customers request marble polishing to improve the shine of a stone floor or countertop. We use the best quality equipment with diamond chip discs to apply the correct pressure on stone to remove the thinnest layer possible. This process prevents damaging the stone while also improving its surface appearance.

Trained Technicians

Natural stone restoration from a trained technician on a routine basis helps to maintain surfaces located on fireplaces and patios. Protect all stone surfaces with devices such as floor mats near doorways and coasters on countertops to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Avoid leaving water on untreated surfaces to prevent cracks in stone as moisture seeps in causing it to expand.

Devin VanceSpecialized Care for Your Marble
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Remove Ugly Grime on Marble

Luxury yachts and hotels often have beautiful natural stone surfaces that require expert care from our Classic Marble Restoration business in Florida. Terrazzo cleaning is necessary occasionally to remove grime that builds up on floors or walls. A thick film of dirt from heavy foot traffic makes it difficult for guests to see the attractive colors of stone tiles set in cement or epoxy in a beautiful pattern. Because terrazzo is a composite surface, it has a lot of grouting that will degrade with harsh treatment.

Improve Stone’s Luster

Applying moisture to natural stone is the best way to prevent cleansers from seeping into the materials. However, we must apply water carefully to avoid damaging the resins that hold the tiny stone tiles on underlying surfaces. Our technicians use gentle cleansers made without dyes that can absorb into natural stone or cement. Terrazzo polishing can improve the luster of the gorgeous stone tiles, but removing too much of the marble, glass or quartz destroys the appearance of a design.

Fix Loose Tiles

Terrazzo restoration is frequently necessary to repair loose tiles or replace missing grout. We suggest having problems with damaged tiles or sealants fixed as quickly as possible to prevent additional problems. Our technicians also remove yellowed wax or peeling sealants before applying new chemicals to protect stone tiles from the effects of saltwater or particles of sand. Our Classic Marble Restoration technicians use professional terrazzo polishing equipment to eliminate chips and scratches from stone.

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Own or Manage a Commercial Property? We Make Old, New Again!

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. has been preserving and overhauling the marble and natural stone of commercial properties for over 20 years. From government buildings to condominium lobbies and everything in between– we are your full service marble polishing and stone restoration company here in South Florida. With experience and hard work– we make even the oldest natural stone floors seem brand new.

Having a granite or marble lobby floor is a wonderful thing if maintained, and that is were we come in. After we make sure your  lobby floors, elevators, bathrooms, and reception desks are brought to it’s natural beauty using the latest restoration techniques, we polish them until looking new.

We specialize in the beautification of many hotels and commercial properties throughout South Florida – with many easily recognizable names!  Some of our most recognizable hotel clients are the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach and the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel.  These marble lobbies are the crown jewels of these resort properties – and you can feel it from the second you arrive.

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. will provide you with a FREE estimate to bring your natural stone and terrazzo up to the high-standards that you desire – as well as customize a maintenance program to meet your property’s needs.

Please contact us now for your FREE consultation.

Devin VanceOwn or Manage a Commercial Property? We Make Old, New Again!
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