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Fort Lauderdale is one of the most beautiful areas of Florida, often associated with luxury and elegance. For many of the area’s homes, marble is a key component of the décor. Upon entering a home, stepping onto a marble floor brings forth a sense of timeless beauty and style. However, even the best marble floors eventually find themselves with scratches, stains and other issues that require professional care from skilled technicians. When homeowners or businesses need a Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company that provides great service and even better results, the only choice is Classic Marble Restoration.

Known throughout the marble restoration industry as having some of the most experienced and skilled technicians, our restoration techniques have been featured in numerous national publications. Because we stand behind our service and results, customers can be sure they are working with a staff that loves to see the efforts of their hard work pay off. Using a combination of common sense and customer service, we’ll be happy to come to your home or place of business and talk with you about your restoration needs. We’ll take the time to assess the situation and recommend the solution we think will work best for you, ensuring you have peace of mind while also having marble that looks like new. So when you need the best, contact us for your cleaning, polishing and sealing needs. Whatever type and texture of marble you possess, we are able to deliver results that are sure to please.

Devin VanceYour Fort Lauderdale Marble Polishing Company
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Expert Cleaning from Trained Technicians

shutterstock_77484562If your home’s stone floors are looking dingy, then it is time to call us for professional marble cleaning services. At Classic Marble Restoration in Plantation, Fla., we offer expert natural stone care to remove loose debris and difficult stains from interior and exterior flooring. Natural stone requires expert restoration from trained technicians to prevent additional damage caused by harsh cleansers and equipment that amateurs use. We use the highest quality surfactants to sanitize floors and countertops located in commercial and residential buildings.

Removal of Scratches from Stone

We provide efficient marble polishing services to revive the stone’s beautiful sheen and smooth surface on walls and floors. The best way to remove small chips and scratches from natural stone is with machines that use discs covered with fine diamond dust. These discs are able to remove a thin layer of stone to avoid ugly cracks on the floor’s surface. As a diamond disc removes scratches, the polishing machine suctions the stone dust carefully to prevent additional marks on the stone.

Improve the Sheen of Stone

Marble cleaning is a time-consuming chore for our customers when they do not have the correct cleansers and equipment. Our restoration technicians have service vans filled with specialized tools to remove debris from stone countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to removing stains from stone and grout, we also provide marble polishing at the same time to avoid the inconvenience of multiple service calls.

Devin VanceExpert Cleaning from Trained Technicians
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Aventura Marble Floor Polishing

Of all the surfaces in a home, none do more to create an elegant atmosphere than marble. No matter what part of a home it’s in, the look is sure to draw rave reviews from all who enter. However, to keep marble looking its best, it needs some TLC now and then. Wear and tear from everyday foot traffic, scratches and dirt that has become embedded in the marble all add up to a look that needs to be cleaned in order to maintain its classic look. Whether it’s polishing, cleaning or grinding away scratches and stains Classic Marble Restoration is who most people call to keep their marble looking like new.

Here at Classic Marble Restoration, we realize customers deserve only the best when it comes to keeping their marble surfaces looking better than ever. As an Aventura marble floor polishing company trained in using diamond abrasives on marble surfaces, we have the knowledge and experience needed to do the job right the first time. By using diamond abrasives, we are able to provide a better clarity and more reflectivity to virtually any surface. Our technicians, some of the most thoroughly-trained in the industry, know how to use their combination of training and experience to make your marble surface look like new once again.

When you want only the best, give us a call. Our training in the latest techniques, along with a strong commitment to customer service make us the one and only choice for your restoration needs.

Devin VanceAventura Marble Floor Polishing
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Choosing Classic Marble Restoration for Residential and Commercial Stone Maintenance and Restoration Needs

Homes and businesses alike feature marble in various capacities. Without a doubt, marble is a popular stone for flooring, countertops, and other features. Such stone is valued for its pleasing aesthetic and sense of grandeur. Enough regular wear and tear will eventually start to tax this stone, though. Therefore, marble restoration from a Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company might prove necessary.

Luckily, our company provides a variety of services related to marble maintenance and restoration. Each employee is trained to clean and polish all marble surfaces in a thorough manner. Any stains or scuffs can be tackled with a variety of solutions. Thanks to delicate methods, our workers won’t damage residential or commercial stone surfaces. We guarantee satisfaction for each and every customer.

When it comes to restoring marble, residential and commercial customers aren’t even aware it’s a possibility. However, our technicians know how to restore damaged and cracked marble in the simplest manner possible. They can easily tackle minor damage, although extensive damage might require a few days of work. Either way, homes and businesses will wind up with stone that looks as new as ever before.

If you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale marble floor polishing company, then you’ll find Classic Marble Restoration the perfect solutions. For each customer, our company strives to provide unbeatable services and competitive pricing. We specialize in cleaning and polishing stone flooring. Our next specialty is stone restoration, and we won’t charge a fortune for these services. In our minds, a satisfied customer is something we mandate for each service call.

Devin VanceChoosing Classic Marble Restoration for Residential and Commercial Stone Maintenance and Restoration Needs
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Maintaining Stone’s Sheen

Classic Marble Restoration of Florida provides commercial and residential marble polishing services to help maintain this stone’s sheen. Our trained technicians have worked in a variety of buildings throughout this area for over 10 years. We understand how to care for different types of stone, including granite, quartz and marble to prevent damage from harsh cleansers and tools. Our company uses a specialized machine with diamond particle discs to smooth chips and cracks from stone before vacuuming the fine dust.

Use Soft Cloths

We are happy to provide marble cleaning tips to our clients to help them maintain stone surfaces between professional natural stone restoration appointments. When liquids are spilled on stone countertops or floors, it is a good idea to use a soft cloth to soak up the moisture as quickly as possible. This is because moisture will seep into the porous surface of stone items that do not have sealants. When a stain is left behind by a liquid, never use surfactants with dyes to remove the spots from grout or stone.

Apply Protective Sealants

Our natural stone restoration technicians can remove stains and scratches from tiles located on the interior and exterior of buildings. In addition to removing dirt from floors and countertops carefully, we can replace resins and cements that hold stone tiles firmly in place. To protect marble, quartz or granite from extensive damage caused by dirt, we suggest that clients have us apply fresh coats of wax or sealants.

Devin VanceMaintaining Stone’s Sheen
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Marble Countertop Restoration by Classic Marble Restoration

Are you considering starting a DIY marble restoration project? Before you begin, make sure to consult with the professional marble countertop restoration company like Classic Marble Restoration for the removal of deep salt or rust stains. Also, consider that marble surfaces must not be scoured, scraped, or treated with harsh cleaners like vinegar, which is highly acidic. Due to marble’s delicate nature, marble countertop restoration and other marble surface restoration and must be undertaken with great care. In refinishing a marble surface that has not been thoroughly and deeply cleaned, there is a risk of sealing in unsightly debris.

Honestly consider if the savings of doing a marble countertop restoration yourself is worth the personal cost of time, trial and error, and the risk involved. Unexpectedly, several applications are needed at times to refinish a marble surface properly. Additionally, the old sealer must be removed totally or it could cause the new sealer to develop a foggy appearance as it dries.  There are actually many steps that professional marble cleaning and marble restoration companies follow to ensure a nicely done job.  Skipping any of these critical restoration steps can leave your marble countertops ruined or unprotected from common household elements.

All things considered, calling Classic Marble Restoration could save you time, frustration, and even money. Serving both residential and commercial clients in the South Florida area, we are a local expert in the marble restoration industry, with an A+ with the BBB. Using only the best products, equipment and techniques, our skillful and trained professional technicians provide stone restoration, cleaning and polishing services.

For more information on our marble countertop restoration services, contact us today!

Devin VanceMarble Countertop Restoration by Classic Marble Restoration
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